Monday, October 20, 2008

After Kiersten was born, Maddie and Dallin got to go with Nanny and Awha (Melissa's parents) to stay at their house in Hilton Head, SC for 3 weeks. They played on the beach, fished, rode a charter boat to see the dolphins, watched fireworks, went to the children's museum and just got spoiled rotten the whole time. They loved their trip. They then rode the train to their Granny and Papa's house in Louisiana and stayed another week before I finally got the see them again! We were all amazed to see Maddie in the ocean. She has always been afraid of it! Dallin was never afraid of it before, but this time he was. Oh well- you can't please them all, all the time.


Heather said...

Oh guys - she is gorgeous! And those cheeks, I just want to kiss them. Did that sound weird? I'm so glad you updated, I've been curious as to how everyone was doing.

Jason and Lissa said...

Looks good, Melissa! Keep it up!