Saturday, February 12, 2011

Houston Zoo

We recently went with the Brown family to the Houston Zoo! The kids had a blast! The two highlights of the day were feeding a giraffe, and the Baboon that was "signing" to us and giving Dallin kisses! It was great! They also got to play bongo drums, ride the carousel, and climb like monkeys in the different play areas! It was a bit chilly but overall a super fun day! Thanks Katie for inviting us! We loved it and we loved hanging out with you!

Swim Lessons

Dallin and Kiersten both just finished with a two week lesson at Houston Swim Club. Kiersten especially LOVED going every day and couldn't wait for her turn! I think she is finally happy that she gets to do her own thing, and not just watch M and D. By the end of the two weeks her teacher (Mr. ALEX) just dropped her in front of him and she came up turned over and floated to the edge. Once she reached the edge she grabbed on and turned over. I was SO excited to see this!
Dallin also did really well and is swimming about halfway across the pool. His biggest struggle is confidence... He thinks he can't do it, so instead of heading towards the edge he heads towards his teacher. He is learning to side breath and is doing great. We are going to do another 2 week session for him and he should be good to go! For now Kiersten gets to go on Monday nights, and really looks forward to her turn each week!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sidewalk Chalk

Who would have thought… Kiersten, Maddie and Dallin were all out back on Jan 3rd playing with the new sidewalk chalk that they got for Christmas, when KK ran in crying and saying “I ate chalk,” I laughed it off thinking she had a nasty taste in her mouth. For the next 30 minutes she coughed and gagged and drooled and refused to drink anything. At that point I decided to call the Dr. who thought I should go see an ENT. He called the ENT who sent us straight to the ER. After examining her, they took her straight up to the OR to scope her. They had to go in with a scope which luckily dislodged it and sent it through. She had an abrasion in the back of her throat and “bits and pieces” of it all the way to her stomach. He then admitted her overnight for observation. The next day she had a great time in the pediatric unit! She made me walk the halls all day in these little car strollers. The pink blanket and teddy bear were given to her by the unit, they were a project linus donation. Overall we were very pleased with Memorial City Memorial Hermann and especially their pediatric unit. She recovered quickly, though we weren't discharged until 7pm the next day…. Just counting our blessings the chalk was lodged in her esophagus and not her airways!

New years resolution 2011

I am at a blogging class, so I am determined again to get this going! Wish me luck!

Photo shoot

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Princess Party

Maddie insisted on having a princess party for her birthday. I think it was a hit. The girls all wore princess dresses and made magic wands and goblets. We borrowed a bella dancerella princess version DVD from a friend (thanks Erica) and it was the hit of the party! They danced and danced most of the party! We are really grateful that Maddie has such sweet friends. They are all a pleasure to be around and she loves each of them. The only thing missing from this party was Rachel Teeples! We miss you Rachel! I realized as I was planning that this would be her first party that you would not be here for since we have lived here and it made me so sad.