Saturday, February 12, 2011

Swim Lessons

Dallin and Kiersten both just finished with a two week lesson at Houston Swim Club. Kiersten especially LOVED going every day and couldn't wait for her turn! I think she is finally happy that she gets to do her own thing, and not just watch M and D. By the end of the two weeks her teacher (Mr. ALEX) just dropped her in front of him and she came up turned over and floated to the edge. Once she reached the edge she grabbed on and turned over. I was SO excited to see this!
Dallin also did really well and is swimming about halfway across the pool. His biggest struggle is confidence... He thinks he can't do it, so instead of heading towards the edge he heads towards his teacher. He is learning to side breath and is doing great. We are going to do another 2 week session for him and he should be good to go! For now Kiersten gets to go on Monday nights, and really looks forward to her turn each week!

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Michelle Judd said...

I am glad they are doing so well!